Here we are on the first week of June and back in Canada from our most recent Paris excursion. This latest tour was curated for the students of Mount Royal University in Calgary and we are so proud to have developed part of their 6 credit course in Marketing and PR! 

We had a total of 20 people with us on our walking tour of Paris and it was a week packed full of extraordinary experiences. We will be posting about each aspect of the tour so you can see for yourselves how we connect people with the highest level of quality experiences with our amazing Paris partners. There were so many special considerations for this group including subject material, group size and coordinating with their studies in France that we were definitely packing in as much as we could in our short days in Paris. 

All of our Paris tours are curated by fashion stylist and costume designer, Leah Van Loon, who has been working in the industry making connections with other professionals for over 20 years. Leah provided exclusive access to some very special artists and creatives in Paris including a Chanel owned atelier, an indigo workshop from a master in her craft as well, a luxury fashion designer and a textile floral artist. This in addition to the incredible tours through specialty textile and fashion museums, neighbourhood excursions to world famous markets, artisan shops and garment districts.  

Leah is deeply committed to creating a personal experience for you and her education partners. To that end we have launched a continuing education course this fall with the team at ACAD, the Alberta College of Art and Design, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! Join us for an information session, June 24th or email us at anytime for more information. This is a chance to see Paris through the lens of a Paris expert so join us this October 6 - 13th!

Leah Van Loon