Q: I don't have someone to travel with. How will you make the decisions for who will share a room? Will I have to share a bed with a stranger?

A: The shared accommodations are twin beds that can be pushed apart so no one is sharing a bed unless they have agreed to (couples etc). We will have a meeting with everyone before we travel so you can meet each other and based on that we will assign accommodations. If you have any special concerns let us know and we can make sure your needs are accommodated with a booking for a single supplement at an additional cost (if available). Some of our hotels also have a suite, apartment or a three bed option. Please let us know at time of booking so we can get rates for you.

Q: Why is the price in Euros and not in Canadian Dollars?

A: All of the costs for the tour are in Euros and this allows people from other countries as well as Canada to travel with us. It also ensures the quality of the tour won't be compromised if the exchange rate changes.

Q: Are flights included in the price?

A: In order to keep costs down flights are not included with this tour. This gives our guests the flexibility to use their air miles or points to travel and allows people to extend their trip at their leisure without extra payments for changes in air travel service fees.

Q: I have trouble walking for long distances or periods of time, can I still travel with the group?

A: We will make some time to sit down for lunch and have the occasional rest stop on particularly long walking days (like Montmartre) but overall this is an active tour and you will need to be prepared to walk and stand for much of the day. Paris at it's heart is a beautiful walking city with a wonderful Metro system and we will take full advantage of it. 

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: The fall experience is only open to adults, 18+ , with good mobility. However we can help you plan a trip for your family with kid friendly opportunities, just email us to get started! We have great self guided opportunities for you for when Leah is not in Paris.

Q: When should I arrive for the tour?

A: You can arrive anytime before the first day of the tour as your travel is entirely up to you. Some people might enjoy arriving a few days early to get over their jet lag and we are happy to assist with adding days to your hotel stay or offering private guided tours or shopping experiences. If you are arriving in Paris that day you should plan to arrive at the hotel in the morning if possible so as to not miss any events but can arrive anytime you like.

If you have more questions please feel free to get in touch with us!