Terms + Conditions


All prices on the tour are in Euros to accommodate our international clients and our vendors but will need to be converted to CAD for payment. Reserving your spot on the tour requires a deposit of €1350. Deposits can be made anytime up until June 30, 2019 and are fully refundable after that date if the tour is undeliverable from either minimum numbers not being met or cancellation byFXT. Final payment of €1350 is due no later than July 31st and is non-refundable unless cancelled by FXT. Refunds will not include upgraded bookings, artist fees for experiences, private tour bookings or concierge services. Any deposits made by FXT to secure tour opportunities will be deducted from any refund. Private tours, shopping experiences or extended concierge services can be booked at anytime and payments for each are due upon booking and are non-refundable. Prices do not include GST or credit card fees which will be applied at payment. FXT reserves the right to charge additional fees at the time of travel if the exchange rate for CAD to Euros fluctuates dramatically or costs jump significantly. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of the deposit deadline of June 30th where applicable.

All guests are responsible for their own flights and airport transfers. This allows our guests to extend or modify their trip and use points or passes for travel. Accommodations will be at the discretion of FXT and are based on a double occupancy. Single or double private rooms may be available for an additional charge of €575. Complimentary hot breakfast will be available at the hotel during their set hours. Each guest will be required to leave a credit card number with the front desk to accommodate any other charges such as dry cleaning, room service, other hotel services, or damages. All guests are responsible for their own comfort and are required to abide by any rules set by the hotel. Taxes for the hotel will be paid by FXT for the hotel dates booked by FXT for our guests.

The itinerary listed is a sample and activities are subject to change at any time to accommodate what is available during our time in Paris. Guests will be responsible for meeting the group at the appointed times and places for departure each day and are responsible for arriving to each location at the appointed time. A guide will meet guests each day at the hotel but guests can meet us anywhere along our routes. Guests will receive detailed daily itineraries the night before each day and we request notification if you are going to be absent or late. Guests are asked to keep up with the group and be respectful of the time allotted during our tours for shopping or photos.

FXT will provide each guest with a metro pass which will be the responsibility of each guest to have with them. If the pass is lost the guest will be responsible for the replacement of transit passes or fare tickets. FXT may provide alternate transportation such as a car service, taxi or bus at our discretion if the locations are inaccessible by metro. If guests would like to book their own transportation they may do so at their own cost and discretion.

FXT provides guests with a complimentary hot breakfast at their hotel. Guests will be provided with lunch each day on each full day on the tour which does not include beverages. While we strive to accommodate our guests dietary restrictions wherever possible we cannot guarantee all meals will be suitable. The guide will be able to recommend nearby places to accommodate restrictions wherever possible and guests are welcome to change their meals at their own cost. Please let us know about any dietary restriction/allergies at time of booking. All dinners will be at the guest’s own discretion but we are happy to make recommendations. and in some cases help with reservations. Guests will be invited to attend a complimentary wine and cheese event on our first evening and then a farewell dinner at a French brasserie on our last night in Paris.

Guests are required to have their own medical and travel insurance and will need to provide FXT with details of such along with emergency contacts. Guests will be responsible to appear for the designated tour days and will not be refunded if any days or the entire trip is missed unless cancelled by FXT. Guests should provide flight details to FXT previous to arrivals and are required to keep in contact with FXT if any delays in travel are encountered. Guests may not substitute themselves for any other person in a spot purchased on the tour.